Semiformal is an annual dance planned by ASU and made possible through the co-sponsorship of several other organizations, many of which are in the AAPA community. It's a night for everyone to dress up, get together, meet new people and have a lot of fun.

ASU Get Out The Minority Vote Campaign

Together, the Asian Student Union’s and Minority Rights Coalition’s Advocacy Committees are launching the Get Out the Minority Vote Campaign. Through sharing your reasons for voting, we hope to increase the voter turnout among minority students at UVa and get everyone excited about civic engagement. Please join us on the Lawn (near the Homer statue) from February 29th to March 4th, have your picture taken, and share with us why YOU are voting in this upcoming presidential election. 

ASU #ActToChange Campaign

The new White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders anti-bullying campaign #ActToChange aims to fight and bring awareness to the bullying faced by the AAPI community. 
Join ASU in supporting the cause by signing the pledge to act against bullying:

ASU Not a Model Minority CampaigN

The Model Minority myth perceives Asians as high achieving individuals that are self-sufficient, well-educated, and upwardly mobile. So what’s wrong with this perception? The Model Minority Myth flattens the heterogeneity of the diverse pan-ethnic experiences and identities of Asians and Asian-Pacific Islanders. The myth obscures the actual struggles that Asians face in education, discrimination, mental health, poverty, along with many other important issues. Not a Model Minority was a week long chalkboard activism campaign highlighting the unique experiences, stories, and stories of Asian Americans at UVA.

Past ASU Events

APAHM 2015: Illuminate